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Roll Length 75
Lenear Feet 3

Diamond Stat Mats

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Diamond Stat Mat is a conductive/anti-static matting designed to absorb static electricity. The mat drains static electricity from the worker keeping sensitive circuitry from being damaged. 

  • The durable vinyl diamond-plate design provides non-directional traction, and is easy to clean. The top surface is combined with a dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology virtually eliminating the possibility of de-lamination.Now with RedStop™, a uniquely engineered technology that eliminates the slipping and sliding of NoTrax® floor mats on all types of smooth floor surfaces such as vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet, and ceramic tile.
  • Diamond Stat Mat is formulated to absorb static electricity. This matting drains static from worker keeping sensitive circuitry safe from damage.
  • Diamond Stat Mat includes durable vinyl diamond-plate top surface is combined with dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology.
  • Diamond Stat Mat has sloped beveled foam on all 4 undersides which affords easy access onto and off of mat.
  • For maximum effectiveness, we highly recommend that the end-user properly attaches the grounding cord which is included at no charge. It easily snaps into a grommet which is installed in the mat at our factory.
  • Diamond Stat Mat are ideal for assembly or testing areas for circuitry: computers, chips, electronics of all kinds.
  • Diamond Stat Mats are available in Black, Red (MicroStop™ Red only)color