Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
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The Conductive Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat consume static electricity from workers before it can be passed on to sensitive equipment such as computers or any product with a computer chip.

Designed to reduce standing worker fatigue, Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mats have a Nitricell "Supreme Comfort" sponge base.

 disperse electrical charges away from sensitive electrical equipment, preventing damage.

For maximum effectiveness, ground the mat and keep the surface clean.

Resistivity: RTT & RTG: 500,000-10,000,000 Ohms

Required for use: Must be used in conjunction with grounding cord or heal grounder to function correctly. Items sold separately.

Comes in 9/16", and 1" thicknesses.

Stock # Size Weight Ea. 9/16" Weight Ea. 1"
ECD-2436TT 2´ x 3´ 9.0 lbs. 12.0 lbs.
ECD-3660TT 3´ x 5´ 23.0 lbs. 30.0 lbs
Custom Sizes - Available in Lengths up to 75 Lin.Ft.
Stock # Size Wt. Lin. Ft. 9/16" Price per Lin. Ft. Wt. Lin. Ft. 1" Price per Lin. Ft.
ECD-36TT 36" 5.0 lbs.  84.99  6.0 lbs. 105.89
ECD-48TT 48" 6.7 lbs. 110.99 8.0 lbs 137.99
ECD-72TT 72" Seamed 10.0 lbs. 199.99 12.0 lbs 248.99
ECD-96TT 96" Seamed 13.4 lbs. 261.19 16.0 lbs 324.69

Color: Black

Conductive Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats