Cushion Classic Solid Cushion Mats

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$15.99
Rhino Mats
  • Solid surface features grid pattern for surer footing. Provides easy movement of wheeled equipment.
  • Made in 36" x 36" modules with built-in connector strip on two sides for easy expansion of floor coverage.
  • Ideal for industrial applications and weight rooms.

Cushion Classic Solid Cushion Mat


Stock # Desc. App. Wt.
57150 36" x 36" Mat 22.0 lbs.
57162 3´ Bevel Strip Male 2.0 lbs.
57164 3´ Bevel Strip Female 2.0 lbs.
56673 40" Bevel Strip Male w/Corner 2.0 lbs.
56674 40" Bevel Strip Female w/Corner 2.0 lbs.
Colors: Black mat, Black and Yellow Bevels
For Yellow Bevels, add "Y" to part number. 5/8 Thick