Comfort Tract Anti-Fatigue Mats

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  • Comfort Tract Anti-fatigue Mats offer light weight design, high performance, and excellent anti-fatigue characteristics in industrial and commercial work stations.
  • Comfort Tract at 1/2" thick features a molded bevel edge on four sides that helps keep the mat in place and provides easy employee and cart access.
  • Molded cross bar surface assures safe footing. Multi-knob under side adds to comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness.
  • Made of resilient grease-resistant rubber that stands up to machine tool cutting fluids, Butyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide and similar liquids found in industrial and commercial situations.
  • Available in two stock sizes, 3"x5" and 3"x10", and two formulations grease resistant (black) and grease proof(gray).
  • Mat is 1/2" thick.
1/2" Thick Comfort. Tract Anti-Fatigue Mats
Stock # Size App. Wt.
CT3660 3´x 5´ 25.0 lbs.
CT310 3´x 10´ 50.0 lbs.
Colors: Black (Grease Resistant) Gray (Grease proof).1/2" Thickness

comfort tract anti-fatigue mats