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Material 100% SBR Rubber
Construction Calendered Manufacturing
Face Style Corrugated Narrow Ribs
Application Commercial / Industrial Areas with High Traffic
Custom Sizes Available
Total Weight 0.75 lb/ft²
Roll Length 9.8m (32')
Lenear Feet 4

CM Viper Wide Ribbed Runner Matting

Viper Wide Ribbed Runner Matting is made of a ribbed rubber that protects the ground and fallen equipment from potential damage. This Matting's durable and non slip surface makes them perfect for use in commercial warehouses and industrial areas.
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The CM Viper Wide Ribbed matting helps solve some of the highest priority issues in most commercial warehouses and industrial areas. These rubber runners provide added traction to help prevent slip and fall injuries, along with padding for prevention of damage to any falling machine parts.

The ribbed runners prevent damage to expensive commercial flooring from both falling objects and regular wear and tear. By providing a small level of shock absorption, these mats ensure that hard metal objects do not chip away at the smooth surface of the floors.

If protection of heavy and expensive parts is necessary, please consider a thicker foam anti-fatigue product such as our cushion soft anti matting. This will provide a much higher grade of shock absorbency.

Moreover, the mats take the brunt of the punishment from withering cart wheels rather than floors, and the flexibility of the rubber allows them to take this punishment for a much longer time.

The wide ribbed runners are slightly better suited for foot traffic compared to the narrow ribbed mats which are designed more for a higher degree of wheeled traffic. The narrow ribs in this instance allow a more even surface for smaller wheels.

By allowing any spills to settle within the grooves of the mat, these corrugated mats provide a firmer footing when compared to a similar spill on a smoother surface such as commercial warehouse flooring. Such spills can lead to serious injuries from slip and fall accidents.

  • These runners are made from 100% SBR Rubber
  • The runners are available in both a narrow and a wide rib application
  • The wide rib is 1/8" thick with 1/16" ribs that are 1/8" apart. Tha narrow rib runners are 1/8" thick with 1/6" ribs that are 1/32" apart.
  • The runners are available in a 4’ wide configuration and 49’ long rolls
  • These mats are approximately 1/8” thick.

The mats are also available in custom lengths to best suit your needs. Simply select the linear feet option above to order your mat in a custom length.
Wide Rib (4’ wide) – $ 10.50 /LnFt.