Anti-Fatigue Designer Mats

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Anti Fatigue Designer Mats are the ideal combination of beauty and functionality in one great package. Tested for over 10 years in the toughest commercial environments like airports, hospitals, hotels and more,these new decorative, softly-embossed Fleur-De-Lys border mats will be ideal for any business like boutiques , hotels, retail settings or any other place where a more attractive anti fatigue mat is needed.

  • Considered the 'Absolute Best in Anti-fatigue Mats' as they are engineered with 5/ 8" 100% polyurethane which is the gold standard of anti-fatigue, these mats comes with a 5 year comprehensive warranty..anti fatigue mats 5 year warranty With your investment in Designer Ant fatigue Mats, improve your bottom line by increasing productivity and morale of your employees while reducing worker fatigue, injuries and their associated compensation costs.
  • Your workers will know that management cares as they thank you as these business mats have been medically proven to reduce fatigue, pains and aches with increased comfort, relief, resiliency and support.
  • Easy to clean as these anti fatigue mats are resistant to all types of fluid,chemical, grease, dirt,stains and oil.
  • These business mats are resistant to puncture, chemical, flames and heat up to 400 F.
  • Virtually indestructible due to their one piece polyurethane construction, these anti fatigue mats will never bubble up,tear, ripple or seperate.
  • Chances of accidents due to slipping and falling are greatly reduced as these mats stay in place and their 20 AD beveled edges prevent tripping by never rolling up.Their edges also allow equipment to be easily rolled off them hence they can serve well in all types of environment.
  • Show your care for the environment as these eco-friendly mats are 100% recyclable which means the mats can be used to make other viable products at the end of their life..
  • recyclable business mats
  • Their anti-microbial design ensures that the mats will not harvest any bacteria and hence can be safely used as health care mats.
  • Engineered with safe and non-toxic materials, these business mats produce no-off gassing and emits no noxious odors.
  • These mats are availabe in four colors and 2 sizes. designer anti-fatigue mats colors