Soft Carpet Tiles

Premium Soft Carpet tiles are the perfect way to quickly cover up garage and basement floors. They are waterproof and provide a soft cushioned cover great for cement floors, and they are super easy to install. These soft tiles are extremely durable making for ideal commercial use as well as residential. They are made to last a long time and the carpet material will not absorb water. Why choose carpet tiles? Carpet tiles are much easier to install as opposed to other carpets, and super lightweight, making them easier to transport than a roll of carpeting. Interlocking carpet tiles also eliminate the need to lay day padding over cement as they provide their own cushioning built right in. Carpet tiles come in 12 different colours blending in with whatever your colour scheme may be. How Do They Work? The interlocking carpet tiles have puzzle like edges allowing each tile to snugly lock together, there is basically no room for mistakes with these tiles, anyone could do it. At 2' x 2' each tile is 4 square feet, so figure out how many square feet you need to cover and divide it by 4 to calculate how many carpet tiles you need. Preparations are limited to giving a good sweep, wash, or vacuum, of the floor that is going to be covered by these carpet tiles.