From Coconut to Coir Doormat – Part 3: Coir Yarn to Coir Doormat

As promised we are back with the 3rd and final offering in our series of how a simple coconut becomes a beautiful coir doormat! Over the last two posts, we talked about how the coconut husk is the source material from which all coir products are made. Coconut husk goes through a process of retting and de-fibering after which, cleaned […]

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Dwinguler Playmat is ideal for kids from ages 0 to 7 years.

Dwinguler Playmat provides a safe, clean and entertaining environment for young children. It benefits kids from new born to seven years old. Stage 1 Infant (Birth – 9 months) : Babies can lie on their backs or on their stomachs on this soft play mat. It protects their knees and wrists from hard impact on the floor. Stage 2 Young […]

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Clean Out The Garage – Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks!

Spring is on its way! What comes to mind when you think spring? (After visions of snow melting, vibrant colours, blue skies and the rich beautiful hues of spring flowers of course!) Yes, with spring comes also… the inevitable ritual of spring cleaning! It is this time you have to finally uncurl from in front of the fireplace and reclaim […]

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