Anti-Fatigue Mats for Happy Feet.

Anti-fatigue mats are the best thing to happen to feet that are, well, on their feet all day long–housewives who work at home in the kitchen and laundry room, employees who work  at retail counters, workers in workshops and factories. What happens to employees feet when they stand for long hours? Long time spent standing on uncomfortable and hard surfaces […]

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Heated Mats: Protect Your Feet and Productivity this Winter.

If you work from home, you would know first-hand what a challenge it is to work when the temperature dips. Sipping plenty of hot coffee and wearing layers of woollies help, but some days even that is not enough. Don’t let your productivity take a dip with the temperature. Check out heated mats from Canadamats that will make working on […]

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Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat

Teach your child through sound and play! At Canada Mats, we are quite proud of our Dwinguler Music Parade Playmat! A invaluable baby and kids product, the Music Parade is a sound sensory playmat – an active sound-learning mat with the aim to encourage all-round development in children by engaging their senses. Quite the fascinating play mat, the interactive Dwinguler […]

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Custom Cut Vinyl Back Coir Mats Go HD!

As a well wisher and follower of Canada Mats, you would know by now that we boast of a sizable collection of recessed well matting designed to fit various needs.  The star attraction of this line-up is the Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coir Mats! To give a short brief on our celebrity mats – these custom coco mats can be […]

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The Tale Of Two Products – Dwinguler Castle Playpen & Its Extension Kit!

Once upon a time… in a land far far away… Majestic fairy tale castles, kings and queens, dragons and elves are all part of the grand fairy tales your child will grow up listening too… as you did when you were little kids. These fairy tale castles and characters are an important part of your child’s imagination, fantasy and playtime! Now, […]

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Canada Mats in the BurnabyNow newspaper

Canada Mats in Burnaby Now

Our profile in the new Member Spotlight section of the Burnaby Board of Trade! Canada Mats is a premier manufacturer and supplier of floor mats and matting products. From custom logo’d entrance mats to functional mats like anti-fatigue mats, garage flooring mats, heated mats, gymnastic mats and a wide variety of other floor covering products. Contact 604-628-7791 for a quote or buy online […]

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