Anti-Fatigue Salon and Spa Mats

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$214.99

Salon and Spa Mats are an investment for your salon as they will improve productivity of your stylists and spa professionals by providing them superb comfort, support and relief throughout the day.

  • Salon Mats have been designed to accomodate all kinds of decor and will add a stylish touch to any salon or spa
  • Constructed with one-piece 3/4" 100% polyurethane, which is the gold standard of anti-fatigue mats, these salon mats have been medically proven to improve health, well-being and alleviate pains, aches, and reduce fatigue
  • Spa Mats are virtually indestructible due to their one piece polyurethane engineering and hence will never delaminate, bubble up, tear, ripple or seperate
  • Engineered with safe and non-toxic materials, these salon mats are BPA and PVC free and hence, emit no off-gassing or noxious fumes
  • No fear of walking with heals on these salon mats as they are resistant to puntures, chemicals and heat upto 400F
  • Show your awareness of the environment as these eco-friendly mats are 100% recyclable which means they can be recycled to make other viable products at the end of their life
  • All but one spa mat has depth of 4 feet which ensures that the stylist will be standing beside their client with their feet on the mat
  • Distinctive cart path on the mat ensures that the cart can be rolled on and off easily
  • It is available in black color only
  • Easy to clean as these spa mats are resistant to hair color stains, dirt, grease and chemicals


spa mats 4' x 6' wide spa mats 4'x 5.0 salon mats 3' x 5'
salon mats 4' x 6' wide salon mats 4'x 5.0 salon mats 4' x 4.5

spa mats salon mats