More Information
Construction Continuous Vinyl Filaments Bonded To Textured Surface
Face Style Textured Vinyl Solid Top Surface
Backing Vinyl Filaments
Application Commercial Workstations
Sizes Available Available in Rolls - 3 ft and 4 ft widths
Total Height 0.55"
Total Weight Minimum 8.33 lbs. / sq. yd. (4.5 kg. sq. m)

3M Safety-Walk 3270 Cushion Matting

Lead Time: 3-5 Days
As low as CA$2,168.99

Too much time standing in place can take a toll on employee morale and performance. 3M Safety-Walk Cushion Matting 3270 is the ideal solution for fatigue-resistance in dry environments.

  • Below the surface a dense network of coiled vinyl loops provides uniform compression. Foot impact is continually absorbed to reduce employee leg and back fatigue and provide greater comfort.
  • On the surface the solid-top construction creates a durable, slip-resistant layer to help prevent accidental falls. This dual layer design means your employees will be more comfortable, more productive, and safer at the same time.
  • Custom sizes available up to 60 feet at CAD$39.99 per linear foot in the 3' width and CAD$52.99 in the 4' width.
  • Construction: Continuous vinyl filaments bonded to textured surface
  • Face Style: Textured Vinyl Solid Top Surface
  • Backing: Vinyl filaments
  • Borders: *Denotes integral edging
  • Total Weight: Minimum 8.33 lbs. / sq. yd. (4.5 kg. sq. m)
  • Thickness: Minimum 0.55 in. (13.97 mm)
  • Application: Workstations where people stand for extended periods of time