More Information
Construction Dual Fibre
Face Style Cross Ribs
Face Fibre Polypropylene; Looped Nylon
Backing Slip Resistant Vinyl Backing
Edging Yes
Application Commercial
Total Weight 5.2 lbs. / sq. yd. (3.4 kg. / sq. m)

3M Nomad 5000 Carpet Matting

Lead Time: 3-5 Days
As low as CA$0.00

An excellant all purpose mat, the Nomad 5000 Carpet Matting, comes to you as an affordable and attractive protection against dirt and moisture for your building entrances. Use the Nomad 5000 matting as an interior entrance matting where you would see low to medium traffic and where snow, water and/or dirt tracking is a problem.

  • Nomad Entrance Mats combine attractive styling with high performance and durability to protect, reduce maintenance costs, and improve safety.
  • This entrance matting is 0.3 inches thick
  • Attractive cross-rib and dual fibre design effectively scrapes dirt and removes water.
  • Nomad 5000 Carpet Matting is random-tufted loop pile
  • Resistant to curling and creeping, Nomad Entrance Matting has slip-resistant vinyl backing that prevents dirt and moisture from falling through to the floor and won't stain the floor.
  • Its heather weave blended designer colours complement most any decor.
  • Great for interior facility areas with traffic upto 50,000 - 100,000 visitors annualiy.
  • Nomad 5000 Entrance Matting is available in Black, Grey and Brown
  • Available in Rolls with a roll length of 60 Ft and 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft widths

Custom Cut Sizes are also available in 3', 4', and 6' widths

Size Price
Custom length 3' width $32.58/LNFT
Custom length 4' width $43.44/LNFT
Custom length 6' width $65.18/LNFT

Nomad 5000 Carpet Matting Color Swatch

nomad mat colors