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Material 1 3/8" Cross-link Foam
Construction Cross-link foam backed with a wafer board and encased in vinyl
Face Style Smooth Vinyl
Face Fibre Heavy duty Vinyl
Backing Heavy duty Vinyl
Edging N/A
Application Martial Arts
Sizes Available 2' x 5', 2' x 6'

1 3/8 Crosslink Foam Wall Pads

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Used wherever safety is concerned, and high shock absorption is a requirement. Used commonly in sports and school gymnasiums, these 1 3/8” thick cross-link foam mats are resilient, lightweight and highly effective at preventing injuries wherever high speed impact against the wall is a possibility.

The closed cell polyethylene foam in these mats is constructed to create individually separated air bubbles which form a relatively hard top layer. This results in the heavy duty shock absorbing properties of these products. These properties make them ideal for use in a ports gyms that are grounds for high level athletic competitions. If you are looking for a product with medium duty shock absorption rating that is better suite for elementary level exercise and sports programs, Please see our 2” 100 ILD Foam Wall Pads here.

  • Made out of 16 oz. reinforced vinyl.
  • Stain resistant, anti-fungal and  anti-bacterial, these tumbling mats are highly resistant to mildew, rot and water and are free from any toxic material or chemicals.
  • Constructed out of 1 3/8” cross link foam, these gym mats offer heavy duty impact absorbing qualities.
  • Backed with a 7/16” wafer board.
  • Each Mat is made up of 2' x 6’ panels.
  • These safety wall pads are made from double stitched heavy duty vinyl with a nylon thread. 
  • The safety wall pads can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. 
  • Note: These safety wall pads are custom made for each specific order. 
  • Colors Available: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Pink, Lime Green, Orange and Purple
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